About Us

4 Winds Indigenous Healers is intended to be a space where the many ways of understanding and dealing with trauma and its manifestations in addiction and other harm can be shared in order to derive the most full and effective way of dealing with these issues. We use the best clinical practices we can find from a Western Medicine point of view as well as from an indigenous practitioner point of view. These are many and varied and 4 Winds welcomes them all in hopes of helping an individual or family in need.


We are practitioners who live and breathe these hopes, and we believe it is time for the great variety of effective practices to be shared. We want to be a place where that can happen. Through electronic, printed, and conversational methods, 4 Winds hopes to open the doors of understanding and serve as an interface of modern science and traditional healing. It is our hope that we can study together, document together, and articulate together so that the many faces of trauma that afflict today’s human family can be effectively dealt with individually and eradicated globally.