• Develop effective and acceptable collaborative processes of trauma, addiction, physical and mental health prevention and care, serving all cultures and ethnicities.
  • Identify and collaborate with indigenous healers and western scientific professionals serving communities facing trauma, addiction, physical and mental health challenges world-wide to facilitate information.
  • Utilize the fundamental elements that define C4 Recovery Solutions – consulting, conferencing, convening and collaborating – between the Indigenous healers and their peers in Western Science to achieve a successful interchange.
  • Build a clearing-house of indigenous practices and approaches to prevention, treatment, and recovery from trauma, addiction, physical and mental health, and, where appropriate, build a cross-walk to relevant western medicine practices.
  • Assist stakeholders in the integration, translation, and adoption of culturally relevant knowledge and practices.
  • Support other stakeholders (e.g., policy-making bodies, community-based organizations, grass roots entities) in revising and adapting current addiction prevention and treatment policies and best practices.
  • Facilitate the implementation of culturally relevant prevention, treatment, and recovery practices for trauma, addiction, physical and mental health.
  • Develop an infrastructure and funding stream to be responsive to the growing wave of intimate, community-wide and random violence that is resulting in increasing numbers of trauma victims world-wide.

Our Business Goals

  • Further develop and maintain our interactive website for the continued distribution of updated material and information among the collaborating networks and others
  • Continue to identify and access funding sources and resources
  • Examine and consider the best operational structure to further carry out our mission
  • Invite specific input from individuals who represent networks with a shared mission
  • Sustain the endeavor by raising funds, approaching gift-giving foundations, and engaging consultants to identify, prepare and submit appropriate grant proposals