We ask in a humble way that our intent, thoughts, words and deeds are motivated towards healing the soul wound that is afflicting so many of our relations throughout the world. May we come together as people from different traditions and ways of being in the world and in that togetherness we can find a common bridge to each other and with joined hands we can then approach our suffering soul and bring healing to it. May our prayer be heard by all of our ancestors in all of the directions and may they be pleased to take this prayer to the Great Mystery so that the Great Mystery can illuminate our heart-minds as we walk on the healing path and bring this much needed medicine to all beings. And may all of our colors be united in a single medicine wheel that will also bring healing to the soul of our earth mother. Let it be so.

4 Winds Indigenous Healers Mission & Vision


To build a collaboration of indigenous and contemporary scientific practices, wisdom, and approaches to promote resilience and recovery from the intergenerational legacy and long-term consequences of trauma and addictive disorders, and to restore health, healing, and wellbeing to individuals, families and communities.


To promote the bridging and integration of our combined knowledge and wisdom into a integrated spiritual/bio/psycho/social/cultural approach for individuals, families, communities and the worlds in which we live.

It’s our hope and prayer to promote healing and recovery from trauma and addiction. We are not for profit and we are not interested in anything other than healing. We recognize that some healers consider their healing practices to be proprietary to themselves, their communities and their culture. We will make every attempt to exclude such information from our site. However, should we inadvertently include something that offends any of our members, please let us know so that it can be removed.